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Big Calm Inc.
Big Calm Inc.


Funded Of $80,000.00 Goal
21.87% Raised
Equity Crowdfunding Offer. Structure
55 Days Days Left
$2,500.00 Min. investment
$200,000.00 Max. investment
$80,000.00 Minimum Raise
$250,000.00 Maximum Raise

Offering Description

Thank you for your interest in investing in Big Calm! 

A few things about this equity crowdfunding campaign upfront:



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Now, let’s jump into the exciting stuff…


Big Calm is a premium, permaculture-inspired “tiny homestead” community for remote digital workers and eco-minded neighbours, located in the heart of BC’s beautiful Kootenays. 



The ultimate regenerative remote work-life environment.



Big Calm is at the intersection of 3 powerful macro forces and 4 rapidly emerging market trends.



The pandemic has significantly changed where and how people work, live, and travel. It’s also prompted many to take a closer look at how climate change globally and mental health personally will affect their future.

And, like the fable of the hummingbird and the forest fire, it has revealed some hopeful opportunities to “do what we can”.


The Massive Shift to Remote Work

COVID-19 changed everything. When it comes to work, more than 80% of employees – and a growing number of progressive employers – never want to return full-time to in-office work. The “future of work” is actually “the future of living.”



The Not-So-Tiny Tiny House Movement

The tiny house market will grow $5.8 billion by 2024! IKEA came out with a model in 2020, and even the Wall Street Journal says “it may be time to invest in the tiny house market.” Once fringe, the movement is now mainstream.



The Rural Renaissance (Modern Homesteading)

In a #WorkFromAnywhere world, why live in a dark, crowded city condo? Rural real estate sales and campground staycations surged in 2020 and 2021. People are rediscovering natural settings and friendly towns.



The Rise of Regenerative Living

Permaculture great Bill Mollison once said, “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” Resilience – both macro and micro – will be found in a garden.



Big Calm is a modest tiny home community – a manufactured home park – consisting of serviced pads for premium/pro-built Tiny Houses on Wheels (THoWs). The grounds are designed as a pocket neighbourhood.



Development includes: property purchase and lease, project planning, engineering, permitting, earthworks for power/water/data lines, septic system installation, barn-loft renovation, road and pad grading, and water well. 


Groundwork and renovations commenced in 2021.

Amenities will include: a central park/pond, several kilometres of trails, a garden with greenhouse, solar array, rainwater harvesting, refurbished forest sauna, zen studio, forest office, root cellar, tool library, and the “Shangri-loft” as a common mixed-use quiet/social space, with bike/ski storage, laundry facilities, and outdoor gathering spaces.


Hundreds of subscribers, followers, and homesteader applicants.

Operations will include: management, site maintenance, utility hookups (power, water, wastewater, internet), garbage/recycling collection, snow plowing, and guest hosting.


The Pocket Getaway at Big Calm – bookable now on Airbnb



Additional/other revenue may emerge later from: event rentals, workshops, glamping, online videos, and merchandise.




By investing in Big Calm, not only will you help enable an exciting and purposeful 🏠+🌲+💻 venture to blossom, you’ll share in its profits.



Enjoy steadily ascending fixed dividends over the long-term and a range of amazing perks in the near-term.



Preferred shares in Big Calm Inc. are $25 each and there are five tiers to choose from:


(Note: Due to Canadian securities regulations, only residents of BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia are eligible to invest in this campaign. If you live elsewhere, or if you are not interested in purchasing shares but would still like to support the project and get some of the perks, visit this page for non-equity options.)


Funds raised through this campaign will mainly go towards accelerating the project’s buildout to meet higher-than-expected demand.

Here’s how we intend to use your investment with each campaign milestone…


(Note: If the campaign does not attain its minimum goal, the raise will be cancelled and Equivesto will return your funds.)


Risk: Investing in startups is inherently risky.

Mitigation: We’ve partnered with a reputable Exempt Market Dealer (Equivesto) to guide you through the process.


Risk: Rental properties can have late payments and high turnover rates.

Mitigation: Although Tiny Houses on Wheels are on, well, wheels, most tiny home owners tend not to move them often. Renter turnover is typically low (~2%) and payment reliability high.


Risk: Rental properties can have high repair and maintenance costs.

Mitigation: Unlike with traditional multi-family residential properties (like apartments), Big Calm renters own their own dwelling and are self-motivated to maintain it well.


Risk: Natural disasters are a threat.

Mitigation: Big Calm is located in an inland temperate rainforest where wildfire is a concern. One came uncomfortably close in 2021 and – silver lining – left an impressive fire break in the surrounding area. We have also engaged a selective logger to clean up deadfall and improve fire mitigation on the property itself. In addition, we will use permaculture design techniques (planting fire-resistant species, water redirection and storage, etc.) to further mitigate wildfire risk and increase community resilience.


Risk: Public health and safety measures may disrupt tourism.

Mitigation: Events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and wildfire smoke from elsewhere are outside of our control. Guest-stay cancellations would negatively affect revenues, however our business model is year-round and not solely or overly reliant on short-term rentals. 


Risk: In an unprofitable year, dividends cannot be issued.

Mitigation: Big Calm preferred share dividends are cumulative, meaning that any shortfall in one year will be made up in subsequent years.



RRSP/TFSA Eligible

Larger investments on Equivesto can be made eligible to be held in a TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) or RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) via Western Pacific Trust Company. A one-time setup fee of $75 and an annual fee of $145 apply. Big Calm is currently in the process of setting up their TFSA/RRSP eligibility. Please email if you would like to invest via TFSA/RRSP.



Tiny House Resident Pad

Exclusive to those who have completed the Big Calm Tiny Homesteader questionnaire, met with the Big Calm team, and been invited as resident-renters, this perk reserves (through June 30, 2023) one of Big Calm’s fully serviced pads (Pads B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I) for your tiny house on wheels.  



Fence Post Dedication

All investors in this campaign will have their name and a wish, quote, or memorial dedication, engraved on a ~1”x2” metal plate permanently affixed to one of the fence posts surrounding the Big Calm community space. (Plate size and style TBD.)



Slack Community

All investors will get an invitation to join Big Calm’s Slack community where you’ll get frequent project updates and meet other like minded people.



Big Calm Tree Planted

Stargazer and Rainmaker tier investors will have a young tree planted at Big Calm on their behalf. 



Big Calm Apparel

You’ll get a gift card to shop for your favourite Big Calm logo, permie, or inspirational t-shirt here



Big Calm Biota

This perk is both very exciting and mysterious. We’ve partnered with renowned artist John Bowie to create a collection of graphite pencil drawings of plants and animals native to the Slocan Valley. In the months ahead, you will receive at least one drawing as an NFT (a blockchain-authenticated digital file), which will be randomly revealed at launch and may bestow other utility longer-term. Stargazer and Rainmaker tier investors will also receive one and two framed prints, respectively, of any creature in the collection.



The Pocket Getaway

This perk entitles the holder to stay one or more nights at The Pocket Getaway, a cozy and modern tiny house guest-stay located among the cedars and with a view of the Big Calm garden. The discount will be applied upon booking via The Pocket Getaway’s Airbnb listing page.



Raven Reads

Each season (every three months), BC-based and women-led Raven Reads delivers a beautifully curated box of Indigenous literature and giftware, or 2-3 children’s books, to your door. This perk provides you with a subscription for up to two years of these delightful deliveries.



Viva Cacao

Some of the best chocolate bars in the world are made just down the road from us at Viva Cacao. Chocolatier Beth Campbell creates small-batch chocolate magic in the Kootenays using superfoods, alternative sweeteners (such as coconut sugar) and mindfully-sourced and fairly-traded cacao. This perk lets you sample a range of her delicious confections.



Verge Permaculture

Verge has helped more than 3,000 students create regenerative energy, water and food systems. You’ll get a 10% discount code to register for their next internationally-recognized, virtual Permaculture Design Certification (PDC), tentatively scheduled to start in November 2022.


Big Calm will donate 1% of funds raised from this campaign to the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund, which provides grants to charitable organizations that serve the Slocan Valley on an ongoing and sustainable basis.




Steve Hardy

Founder & President

Steve is a Resilience Innovation Advisor, involved in purposeful ventures like headversity, RESILIEN Wellness Wayfinder, CMHA, The City of Calgary’s Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction stewardship group, and several tech/impact startups/scaleups. He previously led disaster-tech startup RallyEngine and the consumer electronics line at robotics toymaker WowWee in Montreal. Steve holds degrees in Commerce and Arts and was one of 27 Canadians in the prestigious Getting to Maybe social innovation residency at Banff Centre in 2017. He oversees construction, marketing, and ongoing business administration.


Abby Hardy

Founder & Vice President

Abby runs Zoeta BioCommunications and does remote work for healthcare-focused investor relations firms in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical cannabis industries. She is an avid writer and proficient editor, with a strong academic background and interest in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Abby holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta and a Master of Biomedical Technology from the University of Calgary. Abby completed Verge’s Permaculture Design Course in July 2020. For Big Calm, she assists with communications, resident/guest management, and permaculture design initiatives.


The founders are supported by Warm Ventures and an all-star group of contractors:



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Here are ten great reasons to click the button at the top of the page and invest in Big Calm:


  1. 👋 Come in, we’re open - Many land development projects are only offered to an in-crowd of accredited investors. Not this one. We designed this crowdfund so that regular, retail investors can participate too.

  2. 🌄 It’s a piece of paradise - Whether you plan to live at Big Calm, vacation at Big Calm, or simply enjoy photos of Big Calm landing in your inbox every so often, the experience really does live up to the name.

  3. 😊 There’s pent up demand - Zoning rules in most jurisdictions severely limit tiny homes and mobile home parks, forcing many tiny houses into tight driveways or crowded campsites. We’re unzoned and spacious.

  4. 📈 The dividends go up annually - Our dividends start at a rate of 6%, which already blows away other long-term investment vehicles like GICs, and then increases a full percentage point each year thereafter.

  5. 🌎 It’s down to earth - While some would rather invest in Mars and metaverses, we’re going back to the future and investing in real places, real community, and real resilience.

  6. 💫 We’ve got a dream team - In addition to scouting and purchasing the property, Big Calm’s founders have personally invested more than $150,000 to kickstart development. As investors ourselves, our interests are aligned.

  7. 🌱 It’s what the world needs - Whether it’s going tiny, going green, going remote, going rural, or going for balance, your investment will support Big Calm’s mission to “do what you can” to improve the world, “bird-by-bird”.

  8. 🏡 The tiny movement is big - Tiny houses are exploding in popularity because they are cost and energy efficient (1/10th the energy footprint of regular houses!). The movement has attracted some of the most inventive professional builders that are producing truly remarkable houses.

  9. 💸 Get credit and pay less tax - Taxpayers who hold Canadian dividend-paying stocks can be eligible for the dividend tax credit, meaning you can pay a lower tax rate on the same principal amount.

  10. 🍫 And there’s chocolate on top - Not only do you get preferred stock, each investment tier comes with art, swag, posterity, and other sweet perks!


Meet the Founders and ask Equivesto

Tuesday, April 26th at 5pm PT - online Completed

Big Calm founders Abby and Steve will provide an overview of the development and the investment offering. Alex from Equivesto will be available to answer any questions you may have about the equity crowd-investing process.

Watch Live Recording in the 'Updates' tab


Q&A Session #2

Saturday, May 28th at 11am PT - online

Once again, founders Abby and Steve will be on-hand virtually to answer any questions you have about investing in Big Calm.

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Offering Terms

NOTE: You will need your Bank Account Number, Transit Number, and Institution Number to Invest.

Pre-money valuation (before investment received): ~$2,546,000

Minimum Raise: $80,000.00 for 3,200 Series 1 Preferred Shares at $25.00 per Preferred Share.

Max Raise: $250,000 for 10,000 Series 1 Preferred Shares at $25.00 per Preferred Shares.  

Minimum investment amount: $2,500.00

Securities offered: Series 1 Preferred Shares

Please see 45-110 Offering Document, Articles of Amendment, and the Directors Resolution for full details of right associated with the Series 1 Preferred Shares.  Please create  an account on Equivesto to view attached documents.  

TFSA/RRSP Eligibility: Big Calm Inc. is in the process of making investments as part of this offering TFSA/RRSP eligible.  If you are interested in investing via TFSA/RRSP, please email regarding your investment, PRIOR to investing.

Project launched


Big Calm & Equivesto - Q&A #1 (April 26, 2022)

Big Calm's founders Abby and Steve were joined by Equivesto's Managing Director, Alexander Morsink, on April 26, 2022 answering questions about the Big Calm equity crowdfunding offering.

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What are preferred shares?

Preferred shares are non-voting, dividend-generating investment shares with priority over common shares. Learn more

How does equity crowd-investing work?

This raise is facilitated by Equivesto, a licensed exempt market dealer. They’ve prepared several great guides for how it works.

Am I eligible to invest?

First, you must reside in BC, Alberta, Ontario, or Nova Scotia. Then, you need to go through Equivesto’s registration process, which is similar to opening a bank account.

What if I’m based elsewhere? What if I’d like to support the project but don’t want to purchase shares?

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Where can I learn more about renting or vacationing at Big Calm?

Glad you asked! Check out