No Closet

Technology , Retail
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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No Closet Inc.
No Closet Inc.


Funded Of $300,000.12 Goal
0.5% Raised
Equity Crowdfunding Offer. Structure
14 Days Days Left
$1,000.16 Min. investment
$300,000.00 Max. investment
$300,000.00 Minimum Raise
$1,500,000.00 Maximum Raise

Offering Description



Offering Terms


NOTE: You will need your Bank Account Number, Transit Number, and Institution Number to Invest.

Pre-money valuation (before investment received): $13,465,200

Minimum Raise: ~$300,000.00 for 1,071,429 Class B Shares for 2.01% at $0.28 per Class B Share.

Max Raise: ~$1,500,000.00 for 5,357,143 Class B Shares for 10.02% at $0.28 per Class B Share.  

Minimum Investment: $1,000.00

Securities offered: Class B Shares (Non-Voting)

Note: These are Non Voting Securities.  You will also be signing a Voting trust Agreement.  Please see the Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation, the Shareholder's Agreement, and the 45-110 Offering Document for full details about the rights of these securities.  You can see documents attached to this page after initiating the creation of an account on Equivesto.

Project launched


No Closet - DMP Startups Investor Summit

Join Kubby Mano, Founder & CEO of No Closet online on April 24th at 11am at the DMP Startups Investor Summit.

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Hi, I an intrigued with what you're trying to do. My question is, do you think COVID will affect this industry as the items are used? Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe,

Great question, the great thing about COVID is that it has pushed innovation a few years forward.

In regards to our product, we have incorporated hygiene and security into our platform considering the nature of our business and to prevent any stigmas or concerns in the future.

Fun fact: by 2025 the secondhand marketplace was on pace to double before COVID but since COVID it is now on pace to triple - so the industry only thrived and secondhand is more normalized

Please feel free to contact me at to discuss further.