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Niños Technology Inc.
Niños Technology Inc.


Funded Of $25,000.15 Goal
135.53% Raised
Equity Crowdfunding Offer. Structure
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$100.03 Min. investment
$50,000.00 Max. investment
$25,000.15 Minimum Raise
$250,000.10 Maximum Raise

Offering Description

Reasons to Invest

  1. Need - Agencies, Government, Communities are aligned in the need and desire to improve better child welfare in the black and indigenous communities and Alo is the tool to support them - we are preparing two rollouts for January 2022.
  2. User-Driven - Affordable, easy to use system that has been built with the communities to meet each stakeholders’ needs.
  3. Strong Intent to Purchase - Initial SaaS product developed and received very positive feedback and intent to purchase.
  4. Market Opportunity - Only 425 licences to break even in year one, 1,300 licence first year sales forecasted from a $1.4B total addressable market.
  5. Experienced team - to deliver the platform from the community, initial MVP has been well received. Plus, it is a Black-Biracial, Indigenous, women-led business with personal experience of today's fostering issues.
  6. Scalability – this SaaS meets a massive need today in child welfare but can expand for all communities and geographies.


"My name is Sarah Sparks, and I am passionate about the tools and services Alo Solutions is offering the Canadian child welfare system. Through my own experiences applying to foster and eventually adopt, I began to see firsthand the challenges many face, particularly those with my ethnic heritage. Not to mention the over-representation of children in care with my ethnicity. I was moved to try and use my experience in tech to create meaningful change for the better, for all stakeholders."

Sarah Sparks, Co-Founder and CEO of Ninos Technology Inc. (operating as Alo Solutions)


"My name is Devin Edwards. The legacy of residential schools and the foster cares system weighs heavily on my family and I am passionate about creating better outcomes for future generations with the tools that I have at my disposal, which are technology focused."

Devin Edwards, Co-Founder and COO of Ninos Technology Inc. (operating as Alo Solutions)

Market Needs

Did you know that many stakeholders in the Canadian child welfare system, whether government agencies, social workers, private/public foster homes, The Children’s Aid Society, and the list goes on, are still using Excel to track applications and children in the system. I think that we can all agree that the time has come for a next-generation solution for better outcomes for children in care.

A study by the Child Welfare League of Canada found:

“. . .lack of foster families stems from issues recruiting and keeping foster parents. ‘Ongoing challenges identified by the Canadian Foster Family Association (CFFA) include training, access to information about children in care, support, adequate compensation, and feeling value or recognized as a member of the team.’”


Over half of the children in care in Canada are Indigenous, yet indigenous peoples only make up 7.7 percent of the population. In Toronto, as Canada-wide statistics are not available, 41 percent of the children in care are African Canadian, despite only making up 8 percent of the population. The majority of studies available are dated. Due to the high number of children in care in Indigenous and African Canadian communities, there is a large degree of mistrust among those communities.


Cloud-Based SaaS, Customizable CRM

With first-mover advantage, Niños Technology Inc. (operating as Alo Solutions) is the only company in Canada offering tools and solutions that are cloud-based SaaS and customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


There are many ways that our current tools differentiate from the current application process, aside from being tech-based, modern, and easy to use.

Alo is a solution from the Indigenous and African-Canadian community for the community. The Founders understand the challenges, trust issues, trauma and history that the two most largely represented ethnicities in care face.

Our system is also transparent. Applicants can log in at any point in time and access their personal information and their application status. We hope this will increase the trust in the system.

Finally, our modern system means that it is easier to recruit caregivers due to Its streamlined design and functionality.

Current Product Offer & How It Works

Our current MVP module focuses on the application process for foster, adoption, kinship, customary care, and respite.


Our technology is easily integrated with any system and allows for the collection of in-depth information and documentation required for care situations, with the freedom of a cloud-based application.

Our portal allows for documents to be uploaded remotely. We also offer race-based analytics on the applicant pool. Through the portal, an applicant can also check the status of their application, next steps, and any feedback. All of this is visible and quickly accessible from the “Applicant Dashboard.”

Business Model

Alo is offering a tech solution to a systemic issue facing Canada. Despite the size of the problem and the impact of our solution, our business model is very straightforward.

We will licence our SaaS system and additional modules on a 12-month minimum contract to all stakeholders. The monthly fee is based on the number of users and is targeted between the cost of excel and the US competition.


The Federal government has allocated more funds for the Canadian child welfare system, which was already a billion-dollar industry, in addition, to sweeping legislative changes. The current Total Addressable Market is $10.6 billion, and we feel that it is reasonable to assume that Alo’s market share would be $530 million, or 5 percent.

Our Cost of Acquisition is $39.72 per user or 4 percent of our yearly per-user revenue.


Initial testing and feedback from our target clients have been positive and validated our product and pricing. Our Application Module is complete and operating in version 1.3 and clients have requested the addition of the case management module before purchasing the system, hence this raise to complete the case management module and develop sales.

We have seen significant interest and support for our tools, most recently winning the Toronto Starts Pitch Battle in September 2021.

Sales to Date and Future Projections

Alo is currently pre-revenue. However, our projections for their first year are strong and given the size of the market and the demand for a new tool, are reasonable.

Alo requires 425 users to break even, and projections see us hitting 1300 users in year 1 – 2022 with forcasted revenues of over $1 million. By year 2, the profit margin increases to 55 percent, with revenues just over $2.6 million.


By year 5 of operations, Alo is projecting revenues in excess of 15 million!



NOTE: You will need your Bank Account Number, Transit Number, and Institution Number to Invest.

Pre-money valuation (before investment received): ~$3,400,000

Minimum Raise: $25,000.15 for 357,145 Common Shares for 1.37% at $0.07 per Common Share.

Max Raise: ~$250,000 for 3,571,430 Common Shares for 7.535% at $0.07 per Common Share.  

Securities offered: Class B Non-Voting Shares

Please see attached Offering Document and Shareholders Agreement for further details.

There are no fees for you to invest through the Equivesto portal. For Accredited Investors looking to invest in Alo Solutions from outside the provinces in which Equivesto operates, those from the US, or other countries, please reach out to Equivesto directly to find out about the process.

Use of Funds

To ensure the success of Alo and enable us to grow our clients, we must develop the second module: The Case Management Module. Together with the Application Module they would create a step change for those using their tools and products, as well as the way the Canadian Child welfare system operates.

The funds raised would provide runway for the next year and would be used for:

  • New Product Development
  • Website Development
  • Testing
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Team Growth


The above is based on us successfully meeting our maximum raise goal of ~$250,000. Hitting our maximum raise would give us plenty of runway to create successful outcomes for our users and for our investors.

Exit Strategy

There are three paths to liquidity:

  1. Alo makes an application for IPO or RTO
  2. Strategic purchase via acquisition
  3. Build a successful and sustainable company with solid returns for our investors, growing our market share

Currently, there are no guarantees for the company to sell its shares publicly, and there is no specific interest in purchasing the company. The company will be exploring the two routes to liquidity.

Invest in Alo and the capital raised will allow us to make a profound step-change in our tools and be the next generation solution for a better outcome for children in care.

We're ready for growth. Become an investor today!

Management Team

Sarah Sparks

Sarah Sparks

Co-Founder and CEO

Sarah has worked in the IT sector for more than 10 years and focused on digital transformation and helping businesses transition to the cloud. To date, a large part of her roles have revolved around working with large technology companies to create go-to-market strategies specifically for Canada.

Sarah was a member of the Cloud team for a large international software distribution company that grew from less the 1 million in revenue to a multi-million dollar department, in a few short years.

One of Sarah’s personal goals has always been becoming a caregiver and adoptive parent. Through her research and experience, going through the application process, she was made aware of some glaring truths. One is that children in the communities she belongs to are overrepresented within the system, and two, the process is outdated and culturally inconsistent.  With her background in tech, she became focused on making things better and more efficient. Sarah believes innovation and better race-based analytics will create more inclusive and transparent child welfare for this and future generations.

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Devin Edwards

Devin Edwards

Co-Founder and COO

Devin has worked in IT for over 10 years. While predominantly a technical writer, Devin has also filled the roles of process manager, business analyst, sales coordinator and account manager. Working alongside multiple teams and lending assistance to the highest levels, he understands companies' business and technical needs of all sizes, including startups. He has managed teams of accomplished professionals, recent grads, and fresh-faced interns, Devin is also a published author and mentor.

To date, for Alo Solutions, Devin has delivered the initial product offering at 11 percent under budget, reduced development costs by 26.6 percent, and instituted enhanced security protocols for increased end-to-end network and data encryption. In addition, to all of the above achievements.

For Devin, as an indigenous person, the legacy of residential schools and the foster care system weighs heavily on his family. As the world was discovering children's bodies at residential schools, my mother was privately identifying members of our family who had been subjected to them, explaining how the stories I had been told since my youth was defined and shaped by those crimes and traumas. My grandparents fostered children to shield them from the abuses they knew they might otherwise face and were ostracized from their church for not tithing from the funds provided for the care of those children. Rather than give in, they left the church to focus on the children they'd be trusted to care for. Devin is dedicated to creating better outcomes for children in care for all of the above-stated reasons.

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Melissa Allen

Melissa Allen

Advisory Board Member

With an award-winning career in wealth management at Desjardins, Melissa Allen began her professional career as a digital marketing expert, first interning at Foreign Affairs Canada in Paris, France, and then working with major technology brands, such as Torstar Digital and Google. 

Combining her passions for tech and finance, Melissa entered the Venture Capital space in 2018, graduating from the Female Funder’s Angel Academy accelerator program. After becoming a first-time VC investor and Limited Partner in 2019, Melissa began lending her expertise as an advisor to startups and investment firms before joining the Founder Institute VC Lab cohort #4 and charting her path in venture capital.

Alo is a start up that Melissa feels passionately about because of its vision and mission. She is excited to support such a revolutionary player in the tech and child welfare space. 

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Amar Nijhawan

Amar Nijhawan

Advisory Board Member

Amar Nijhawan is a policy specialist, experienced researcher, and strategist - with specific expertise around gender equity and feminist economic policy, global affairs, international economic policy and development, entrepreneurship, and sustainability across Canada and internationally.  

Amar currently works on the Policy and Campaigns team at Oxfam Canada. In her role, she collaboratively advocates for feminist economic policy within governments, multilateral agencies, and international financial institutions - focusing on the care economy. Amar has had the opportunity to work on projects in government and intergovernmental organizations, donor agencies, global trade and investment spaces, social enterprises, higher education and academia, community organizations, and nonprofits across Canada, South Asia, South-East Asia, the UK and Latin America. 

Amar is always looking for new ways to support women-identifying South Asian’s and feels that Alo is in line with her beliefs, experience and interests.

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Art Proctor

Art Proctor

Advisory Board Member

Art Proctor is an Afro-Métis neuro-diverse Artist, Activist, technologist, and community builder. He is a retired performer, seasoned international arts and corporate management professional, digital transformation analyst, award-recognized arts and creative industries veteran, startup survivor, and social enterprise advocate. 

He is a well-travelled, outspoken cultural catalyst and socio-political unwilling profit and futurist. His focus and passion are exploring the intersection between art and technology, specifically Film, digital and immersive media through the lens of the underrepresented diverse voices of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour.

He feels his deep ties with the Afro-Canadian and Indigenous communities in Canada will be of value to Alo. He is excited about creating a step-change in the Canadian child welfare system. 

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Fiona Moar

Fiona Moar

Advisory Board Member

Fiona Moar is an educator with a passion for advocacy. As an indigenous person and parent her entire adult life, she has over 20 years of personal experience with the Canadian child welfare system. This has driven her to speak out on the need for change.  

Fiona’s strength and no-nonsense approach to Child Welfare, Politics, Social Justice and the inequalities of living as an indigenous person in North America has captivated audiences and amassed over 50 thousand followers on TikTok.

She has been a huge supporter of Alo since its inception and now lends her unique perspective and experience to Alo’s Advisory board.

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Lindsay Eberts

Lindsay Eberts

Advisory Board Member

Lindsay Eberts is a British-Canadian film producer based in Quebec. Inspired by her filmmaker family and time spent at film festivals worldwide, Lindsay believes a great story well told can change perspectives rapidly and create a lasting emotional impact on global audiences. 

She recently executive produced a feature documentary, ‘For Love,’ which connects residential school trauma with the overrepresentation of Indigenous kids in Canadian foster care and celebrates incredible people doing something about it. Lindsay feels that her knowledge, experience and passions intersect well with Alo’s mission and vision.

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Project launched



In the News - Canadian Tech Company with Indigenous Founders Taking on Child Welfare

Alo is being recognized as a leader in the Canadian tech space with their ground breaking tool that creates better outcomes for all stakeholders in the Canadian child welfare system:

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Investor Webinar + Rollout Announcement

If you missed Alo's investor webinar on Monday you can watch it here.

Alo is also excited to announce that they are preparing two rollouts for January 2022 with organizations that will be moving over to Alo's tools.

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In the News - APTN's InFocus with Melissa Rigden

Alo Solutions is interviewed by APTN's InFocus with Melissa Rigden on the critical role the company can play in addressing many of the systemic issues facing the Canadian Child welfare system. You can watch the piece that was recorded LIVE HERE. Alo appears at 45:42.

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Minimum Goal Reached + Campaign Extended

Alo Solutions is now over 100% funded with a surge of interest in this #impactinvestment with a strong business model and potential for returns. Due to this increase in demand, the campaign has been extended until December 24th from December 17th giving investors another week to gain access to this opportunity. You can watch their pitch to the KnowWealth group HERE.

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