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Comhlatech Limited


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Equity Crowdfunding Offer. Structure
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$1,000.00 Min. investment
$1,500,000.00 Max. investment
$100,000.00 Minimum Raise
$1,500,000.00 Maximum Raise

Offering Description

ComhlaTech offers industry-leading trading strategies that utilize proprietary pattern recognition software to predict changes in stock market direction. As a research and development company, ComhlaTech has developed an algorithm that predicts the daily direction of the stock market, months in advance.

ComhlaTech provides our trading systems to global partners who work in the financial sector. Our trading strategies, implemented by our partners and clients, are designed to lead to financial growth for millions of dollars of assets every day.

Most of the trading strategies ComhlaTech develops and utilizes are applied to major, highly-regarded indices such as the NASDAQ and S&P500, rather than penny stocks or cryptocurrencies.  Revenue is derived from affiliate relationships, profit-shares, referrals, and partnerships, as well as by utilizing the technology internally. 

Our product is differentiated by using natural cycles and pattern recognition, leading to outstanding results. Our system is based on over 100 years of historical stock market data and millions of individual data points. To date, our trading strategies have over 70% accuracy. 

ComhlaTech is offering $1.5M of shares through its trusted partner Equivesto. Read on to learn how we are Reinventing the way people invest

RRSP/TFSA Eligibility

This offering is open to investment from Registered Accounts like TFSA/RRSP! 

Through a partnership with the Western Pacific Trust Company, potential investors can hold ComhlaTech shares in a tax-friendly registered account.  

Investing via TFSA/RRSP involves some additional fees and considerations, and takes additional time – It's important to get started right away. If you are interested in this type of investment please email for more information. Don’t delay!

You can learn more about the process by visiting the Equivesto Learning Centre here.

Offering Structure

  • There are 750,000 non-voting shares available.
  • There are 1M voting shares available.  
  • All shares are priced at $2. 

Existing Shareholders in ComhlaTech are eligible to purchase retractable shares! 

ComhlaTech would like to thank our existing shareholders for their ongoing support and belief in ComhlaTech. By way of thanks we have created a class of shares just for you. 

  • Retractable, non-voting shares are only available to existing shareholders with no minimum investment.  

  • Shareholders include ‘shareholders of shareholders’ I.e. shareholders of corporations that are shareholders in ComhlaTech 

  • Retractable shares may only be purchased as a combination of 75 % Retractable (NVP1), 25% Non-voting (NVC1). 

  • Shareholders can find out more about Retractable shares on the Shareholder website 

  • Non-voting shares have dividend eligibility, Retractable shares do not.  

  • By combining Retractable with Non-Voting we are offering ‘the best of both worlds’ for the investment, with the liquidity of the Retractable shares and the dividend eligibility of the Non-Voting shares 

  • Existing Shareholders may also choose to purchase voting shares, or a combination of Retractable/Non-voting and Voting. See the term sheet for existing shareholders here 

NEW Shareholders in ComhlaTech

For the first time since we opened our doors in 2020, ComhlaTech is able to accept investments from investors outside the circle of our Founders, Friends and Family. We welcome you to join us!

Bonus Shares

**Note, all bonus shares will be non-voting. 

Existing shareholders: 

If you are an existing shareholder and you add to your investment, in any form, retractable, voting or non-voting, you receive: 

  • 1-20% increase, 2% bonus shares 
  • 21-50% increase, 3.5% bonus shares 
  • 51-75% increase, 10% bonus shares 
  • 76-100% increase, 15% bonus shares 
  • +100% increase, 25% bonus shares + 2% of original shareholding bonus shares 

*** % increase is based on dollars previously invested. 

New Investors: 

  • $250k - 5% bonus  
  • $500k - 10% bonus 
  • $750k - 15% bonus 
  • $1m - 25% bonus 

How We’re Different






Key Statistics

  • Market-Beating algorithms deployed on a world-class automated trading platform. (See 2021 Portfolio Results below) 

  • In 2020, we raised $3M from a pre-seed friends and family round from a community of investors who believe in our products. Many of our initial shareholders are also customers. 

  • Diversified product line – multiple trading strategies and revenue sources (Referrals, Affiliations & Partnerships, and Return on Invested Capital).  

  • Excellent growth potential – We've grown from $1.5M to over $3M client Assets utilizing our strategies in less than 6 months, all while the broad market has faced a downturn.  


Create an Equivesto Account to see ComhlaTech Portfolio Results 2021 in attached documents below.


"I've been trading stocks for the last 40 years and this is by far the most successful system and the most successful group that I've ever been involved with.“ - Leslie 

“You’ve taken something I was scared of and made it easy to follow. Thank you!” - Mazyline 

“When you actually sit back and you look at what's happened...I've never seen any system that can give those kind of returns.” - Scott


Why Invest?

What we do 

We’re reinventing how people invest through trading algorithms deployed on global markets. Our strategies have beat the S&P 500 index by more than 130% since our company was founded (See 2021 Portfolio Results for an example of our returns).  

You can trust this investment 

Investors and Companies on the Equivesto platform benefit from Equivesto's high quality risk protection which includes detailed vetting of every company, its officers & directors, any material statements made on an offering, as well as all investors on our portal. As a fully registered Exempt Market Dealer, Equivesto puts the community’s protection first and foremost by ensuring a transparent investment process, risk disclosures, and reasonable investment limits. 

We’re growing 

We’ve been operating as independent traders for over ten years, have grown our user base on our platform by 100% in our first year, and initiated fully automated trading through an affiliation with a trusted provider.  Up until now, investment in ComhlaTech has been restricted to a tight-knit community of the original founding shareholders. For the first time, we’re offering the public the chance to get in on the ground floor of our global expansion.

Business Model


Traction and Projections


Use of Funds

A simplified version of the use of funds is presented here. For more information, please see the offering document for this opportunity.


Management Team



Offering Terms

NOTE: You will need your Bank Account Number, Transit Number, and Institution Number to Invest.

This offering is TFSA/RRSP Eligible.  Please email if you would like to invest via a registered account.  

Pre-money valuation (before investment received): $20,600,000.00

ComhlaTech Limited is offering multiple shares classes for purchase, all at the same share price.  Class NVC1 Shares are open to all investors.  Class NVP1 Preferred Shares are only available to existing shareholders.  Class VC3 Common Shares are open to Accredited Investors only at a minimum investment of $25,000.  

Minimum Raise: $100,000 for 50,000 Class NVC1 Common Shares (Non Voting) at $2.00 per NVC1 Share.

Max Raise: $1,500,000 for 750,000 Class NVC1 Common Shares (Non Voting) at $2.00 per NVC1 Share.

Minimum investment amount: $1,000.00

Minimum Investment for TFSA/RRSP Eligiblity: $2,500.00

Securities offered: Class NVC1 Common Shares (Non-Voting) - Open to all investors.  Class NVP1 Preferred Shares (redeemable, non voting) - Open to existing shareholders only.  Class VC3 Common Shares (Voting) - Open to Accredited Investors Only.  

Multiple Closings: Comhlatech Limited's campaign will have multiple closings, with the first closing being November 10, 2022.  The Second Closing date is December 13, 2022.  The third Closing Date is March 13, 2023.  The fourth closing date is June 13, 2023.  The Fifth closing is September 12, 2023.  The offering terms do not change between the closings.  

Existing Shareholders Only Terms - Existing shareholders have to option to purchase NVP1 Preferred Shares (redeemable).  Subscriptions for existing shareholders will be allocated with 75% of their investment towards Class NVP1 Shares and 25% to Class NVC1 Shares.  Class NVP1 shares can be redeemed from Comhlatech Limited upon providing 15 days notice to the issuer.  Existing investors are also eligible for bonus shares.  Please review the 45-110 Offering Document for further details.  

Bonus Shares (new investors):  

$250,000+ - 5% bonus

$500,000+ - 10% bonus

$750,000+ - 15% bonus

$1,000,000+ - 25% bonus

Please see 45-110 Offering Document, Articles of Amendment, and the Shareholder's Agreement for full details of rights associated with the Class NVC1 Shares.  You must create an account on Equivesto to view attached documents.

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