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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
One Development Corporation
One Development Corporation


Funded Of $200,000.00 Goal
105.5% Raised
Equity Income Generating Offer. Structure
- Days Left
$5,000.00 Min. investment
$1,000,000.00 Max. investment
$200,000.00 Minimum Raise
$1,000,000.00 Maximum Raise

Offering Description

Hello, and thank you for wanting to know more about ONE Development.

Five Reasons to Invest

  1. Preferred shares with 10% dividend for three years with the option to convert to common shares with a 38% discount.

      -       Portfolio diversification with regular return on investment that outperforms current bonds and bank savings rates.

      -       TFSA and RRSP eligible for investments of $2,500 or more.  If interested, click here to learn more.  

  1. ONE Development has partnered and created synergies with industry experts from all areas of finance, lending, design, building and sales.
  2. High level finance and corporate strategies for long term security and growth, including financing, give lower operating costs.
  3. Proprietary financial survey ensures investment site meets a profitable end value prior to purchase.
  4. Ability to invest in the Toronto real estate market without having to select, purchase, develop and maintain a whole property and without needing a large seed amount. Accredited Investors can invest in ONE Development starting from $5,000, and there are no fees for you to invest through the Equivesto portal.  ONE Development is building off a successfully completed equity crowdfunding round that raised over $200,000.  

“My passion for beautiful and timeless modern contemporary homes, as well as my experience, led me to create ONE Development.  One of my favourite quotes on real estate developers describes them as “…effectively the entrepreneur that makes a new building happen…like an orchestra conductor…they direct the performance.” My experience to date makes me a strong leader for the ONE Development team as I am extremely effective at bringing all the pieces and specialized team members together.  I am looking forward to our success.”

Jason Ferreira, Founder and CEO of ONE Development Corporation


Market Needs

The Toronto real estate market has become unattainable for many over the past decade. COVID-19 has only intensified the growth of the market, particularly with respect to single family homes, where prices have increased year over year by 27 percent. 

The single family home market has experienced such unprecedented growth due to two primary drivers: people are seeking more space both inside and outside due to COVID-19 restrictions. There is a lack of inventory for single family homes in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 

Those trying to break into the market or diversify their portfolios by investing in the Toronto real estate market are increasingly unable to do so as they don't have the required seed capital.  And if they do have the necessary seed capital, not everyone has the ability or desire to deal with the added costs and responsibility of property management. 

Changing the Way that People can Invest in Real Estate

ONE Development Corporation is changing the way that people can access the Toronto real estate market. As they are offering the opportunity to invest to those who:

  • Do not have a large amount of seed capital to invest; and
  • Do not want to deal with the additional costs often associated with property management.

ONE Development has a professional team that has done all of the research for investors, from the way that they select properties to the types of homes they are building. They do the leg work for you, helping to provide a solid return on investment. 

The Solution


How it Works

The business model for ONE Development is simple and straightforward, focused on cultivating a high rate of return for investors. 

The general template that all projects will follow is illustrated below. All projects begin with the acquisition of an ageing property in a desirable neighbourhood in Toronto. A modern re-design plan is created and undergoes the permitting process. From permit approval, the property is completed within a 12 month period and sold for about double its purchase price according to current financial projections.


The business model is then expanded to multiple projects over the next several years, four a year by year three and six a year by year five. The current business model covers a seven year schedule.


ONE Development has already raised $550,000 through a $400,000 three year note and a $150,000 shareholder loan. 

ONE Development has done the research and has an experienced team who understands the Toronto real estate market. 

They are setting themselves apart from the competition by offering: 

  • A synergistic approach with a team focus 
  • Financial and Corporate Strategies 
  • Property Analysis for property selection
  • Lending Analysis 

ONE Development has identified a sweet spot in the Toronto Real Estate development market. The company has positioned itself to handle projects under $5 million, where developers with this detailed planning and skill set typically don’t play. ONE Development is also positioned to understand the potential pitfalls that many smaller scale developers encounter and have mitigated for them. 

Our Differentiation


Sales to Date and Future Projections

ONE Development has a straightforward business plan, starting with their first home acquisition and redevelopment in 2021/2022. You can see from their forecasted projections that their growth is steady over the coming years. This growth provides our investors with a steady rate of return.


Essential to ONE Development's forecasted growth is the ability to continually grow the number of property acquisitions and redevelopments over the coming years. Starting in year one, with the first project. 



ONE Development is offering the opportunity to investors who want to diversify their portfolio or who would like to access the Toronto real estate market. Invest in a company that has done their due diligence and is growing, and watch your investment grow with them.

ONE Development is continuing this offering for Accredited Investors only after closing a successful equity crowdfunding round raising over $200,000.  

ONE Development has an estimated annual return on equity, available to common shareholders of 73 percent, once they reach 6 projects per year. This rate of return compares very favourably when one considers that the return on equity on the entire stock market is less than 10 percent. 

Accredited Investors can invest in ONE Development starting from $5,000, and there are no fees for you to invest through the Equivesto portal.

One Development plans to raise a total of at least $400,000, with $200,000 of that already raised in this initial equity crowdfunding round.  

Investments in ONE Development are TFSA/RRSP Eligible.  Equivesto and ONE Development have partnered with a 3rd party Trust company to make this possible.  There is additional paperwork required and an annual fee to hold your investment in a TFSA/RRSP.  To hold your investment in a TFSA/RRSP, make your investment normally, and afterwards email to begin the process.  Alternatively, you can invest via funds already held in a RRSP/TFSA by moving those funds to our partner trust company first, and then investing.  Click here to learn more.  

Use of Funds

One hundred percent of the funds raised through Equivesto will go towards the mortgage and construction loan down payment for ONE Development's first build. 

Exit Strategy

Here is your path to liquidity with ONE Development: 



Preferred shares with 10% return, plus ability to convert to common shares with a 38% discount, with an anticipated value for the company of 10.5MM in 7 years.


Invest in ONE Development, diversify your portfolio with a piece of the Toronto real estate market and let a team of experts to manage it for you while you watch your seed investment grow! 

It all starts with ONE!

Management Team

Jason Ferreira

Jason Ferreira

Founder and CEO

Developer and Investor Jason Ferreira began his career by completing four full renovations. Two of these included tearing down homes to their framework and completely renovating them. Jason has Bought, Rehabilitated, Rented, Refinanced and Repeated, known as the BRRRR model, three separate properties in the GTA.

After starting his career in real estate, Jason made the decision to switch to the corporate world, specifically financial services and has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the industry. Jason was Vice President (VP) of Sales at NRT Technology, his experience in the field Includes: high-level corporate and finance strategies, relationship management, as well as deep knowledge in sourcing.

After 15 years in FinTech Jason made the decision to go back to his first passion, real estate and founded ONE Development Corporation, an opportunity to bring together the best of his skills, experience and achievements to date.

Two of Jason’s largest professional achievements include the founding of ONE Development Corporation and during his tenure as VP of Sales he helped grow NRT’s market penetration from 30 to 90 percent of market share across Canada, with over $100 million in revenue.

Due to the above Jason has a keen understanding of what is required in home building and renovation, as well as property acquisition and redevelopment. In particular, when it comes to assembling the right team of people to support ONE Development’s clear vision and strategy.

Jason’s passion for beautiful and timeless modern contemporary homes led him to create ONE Development. One of his favourite quotes on property developers states: “Real estate developers are effectively the entrepreneur that make a new building happen . . . like an orchestra conductor . . . they direct the performance.” Jason’s experience to date makes him the ideal person to lead the ONE Development Team to success, as he is extremely effective at bringing all the pieces together to form a professional team of experts that specialize in their respective roles and execute impeccably.  

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Mahlet Teferi

Mahlet Teferi

President Inbaca Corporation

Mahlet Teferi is an entrepreneur, accountant, and founding member of Inbaca Corporation. Mahlet has worked in a variety of finance and accounting roles for companies in the Middle East and Canada over the past 10 years. With Inbaca, Mahlet has assembled a team of financial services professionals that bring to the table many years of experience in the finance, accountancy, business planning and tax sectors. Inbaca team members offer individual attention to each client and tailored services to meet their unique requirements.

Mahlet’s motivations for offering Inbaca’s financial services to ONE Development Corporation are to see ONE Development grow and fulfill its full potential as a leading company in the Toronto real estate acquisition and redevelopment market. In addition, Inbaca providing ONE Development with strategic planning, accounting, and financing guidance is a true partnership, as Inbaca is offering much of its services to ONE in return for common shares in the company.

Mahlet and Inbaca are confident that under Jason’s leadership, ONE has assembled a winning team and we are proud to call Inbaca Corporation a member of that team.

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Monique Pawlak

Monique Pawlak

Director Sales and Marketing

Monique’s business experience is primarily focused on SEO, Marketing, and Branding. She also has experience working directly with consumers and clients and understands client relationships well. 

With a focus on the Toronto real estate market Monique has successfully re-branded multiple residential real estate teams in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Monique is excited about being a key member of the ONE Development team. Creativity and Business have always gone hand in hand for her. She is looking forward to making ONE Development a household name in the GTA.

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ONE Development

ONE Development

Construction Project Manager

The company is currently in the process of hiring a Construction Project Manager (CPM). The characteristics of a success candidate include at least five years of experience in the Toronto real estate market, to ensure that they have an intimate knowledge of permit requirements, as well as the relationships required to see ONE Development projects through from design to post-construction, efficiently and effectively.

ONE Development is looking for someone who not only has the experience, but also the passion for construction and project management. Most importantly the successful candidate will have the skills to manage several construction projects at any given time, with a continuous focus on financial results, as well as a quality finished product. 

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Project launched


Board of Advisors Update

Steve Boulton has stepped down from the Advisory Board of ONE Development Corporation.  ONE thanks Steve for his time on the board and his contributions to ONE and its growth.

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