One Development Corporation

Real Estate , Income Generating
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
ONE Development Corporation
ONE Development Corporation


Funded Of $25,000.00 Goal
110% Raised
Accredited Investor Offer. Structure
- Days Left
$10,000.00 Min. investment
$50,000.00 Max. investment
$25,000.00 Minimum Raise
$955,000.00 Maximum Raise

Offering Description

Offering Terms

NOTE: You will need your Bank Account Number, Transit Number, and Institution Number to Invest.


Fixed annual return: Class D Preference Shares have an annual dividend of 10% plus the current target Bank of Canada Overnight Rate (4.5% as of January 25, 2023) for a total return of 14.5% as of January 25, 2023.  

Minimum Raise: $25,000 for 12,500 Class D Preference Shares at $2.00 per Preference Share.

Max Raise: $955,000 for 477,500 Class D Preference Shares at $2.00 per Preference Share.

Minimum investment amount: $10,000.00

Securities offered: Class D Preference Shares

Closings: This investment has monthly closings at the end of each month.  

Conversion Rights: Class D Prefence Shares are convertible into Class CF Common Shares at any time at a rate of 3 Class CF Common Share for each Class D Preference Share converted.  

Redemption Rights: Investors may redeem their Class D Preference Shares after 3 years at a price of $2.00 per share.  The company has the option to redeem Class D Preference shares from investors at $2.00 a share at any time.  

Please see 45-110 Offering Document, Articles of Amendment, and the Shareholder's Agreement for full details of rights associated with the Class D Preference Shares.  You must create an account on Equivesto to view attached documents.

Project launched


ONE Development Offering Document Update

ONE Development has updated a term of their offering.  The minimum raise target has been adjusted to $25,000.  Pleae review the updated 45-110 Offering Document for more details.  

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