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Razzall Inc.
Razzall Inc.


Funded Of $99,999.90 Goal
127.17% Raised
Equity Crowdfunding Offer. Structure
- Days Left
$247.50 Min. investment
$249,999.75 Max. investment
$99,999.90 Minimum Raise
$249,999.75 Maximum Raise

Offering Description

Hello, and thank you for wanting to know more about Razzall Inc. 

Five Reasons to Invest

  1. Revolutionary e-marketplace for high demand items, event tickets, sports memorabilia and technology.
  2. Proven business model that is generating revenue today!
  3. Solid team in place who have built communities and built businesses. 
  4. Very affordable Cost per Acquisition of $3.44 with a Lifetime Value of $1,192.
  5. Ready to grow and primed for when sporting events open up.


"I'm an avid sports collector, but I realized the high-value items such as sports memorabilia, tickets to events, and in-demand electronics are out of reach to everyday people, and that's where Razzall was born. I built a substantial collection using Facebook groups that were raffling collectibles and cards and felt that if we could bring this same excitement to the masses, independently, legally and verified, outside of social media and that Razzall could become the newest successful Ecommerce platform. Ultimately, sharing a seat at the table with the likes of eBay and Amazon.

We're looking to raise a minimum of $100k to invest in marketing the platform and be ready for growth as the events market reopens across North America." – Joe Rubini, Founder and CEO of Razzall Inc.


Market Needs

The ecommerce industry is booming. The global pandemic has only increased the demand for purchasing things online from the safety and comfort of your home, with a 44% increase year on year from 2020, according to Digital Commerce 360. 

Added to the growth in ecommerce traditional items such as electronics are being purchased online more than ever before. The sports memorabilia and sportscard industry has also experienced exponential growth this past year as people look for ways to pass their time at home. The sports memorabilia market has outpaced the stock market this year as people invested in items they felt were timeless, valuable and reliable. 

A lot of sports memorabilia and card buying and selling happens, yes, on established platforms such as eBay. However, it's also happening via Facebook groups where people "raffle" their items, contrary to Facebook's terms of service. This underground market has seen exponential growth; however, it is unregulated, high risk and could be shut down at any time. This is the market we are targeting to become the destination for sports memorabilia, tickets and premier events and items, and then seek to grow market share from eBay.

World's First Crowd-Purchasing Platform

Razzall is the world's first crowd purchasing platform and offers a legal solution for the above market demand. With Razzall, individuals can crowd purchase Razz spots for high-demand items such as sports cards and memorabilia, as well as electronics and vacations. 

Razzall is safe, fun, easy and transparent, which is not always the case with other private social media groups. Razzall has trademarked the system for crowd purchasing, along with crowd purchasing itself.



How it Works

Razzall has been designed with the user and seller in mind, making their platform easy to use and welcoming. 

There are five simple steps to using Razzall:

How it Works


Razzall undertook market research to develop an MVP in 2018. We undertook extensive testing, particularly in relation to user experience, to optimize the site. Since then, we have built a strong following, with high user engagement at 70% and room to grow. The platform was completed within 18 months and is fully automated and operates across North America!

We have over 3,000 active users, generating revenue in a legal and trademarked manner. Buyers and sellers alike love the excitement of Razzall, as well as the chance to access the high-demand items they want, all while spending less.

Through this crowdfund, we seek to raise the capital to expand our market share and bring crowd purchasing to the masses and offer people the ability to access high-demand items for a fraction of the cost. 

Sales to Date and Future Projections

Razzall has a proven business model that has been generating revenue. With its low Cost per Acquisition of $3.44 and a Lifetime Value of $1,192 the future is bright with respect to growth and ability to generate profits over time.


A key piece to Razzall’s growth is being able to market to a broader audience in order to attract more trusted sellers. This raise is fundamental to the marketing portion of the businesses forecasted growth and gross revenue. 



Invest in a business that you know has a proven track record and potential to grow. Razzall's team knows what success is, and they are focusing their energy on creating that success with Razzall. With two years of operational experience, they understand well what is required to get them to the next level of success and generate growth for the business and their investors. 


You can invest in Razzall starting at ~$250, and there are no fees for you to invest through the Equivesto portal.

Use of Funds

We have proved the model and grown the business with 3,000 active users. We're primed to grow to reach sports and gaming fans across North America and ready for when events start up. 


Exit Strategy

There are three routes to liquidity:

  1. Strategic purchase via acquisition
  2. Razzall makes an application for IPO or RTO
  3. Razzall focuses on growth and returns a dividend to our investors

Currently, there are no guarantees for the company to sell its shares publicly, and there is no specific interest in purchasing the company. The company will be exploring the three routes to liquidity however, our preference would be to go public.

Invest in Razzall, and the capital raised will help us get Razzall to the next level and bring crowd purchasing to a wider market. Help us take the ecommerce market by storm and become an investor in Razzall! 

Buy, Sell, Razz.

Management Team

Joe Rubini

Joe Rubini

Founder and President

Joe founded Razzall in 2018. He has successfully built Rally Logistics as their President and founding partner. Rally Logistics is a third-party logistics provider specializing in perishables, servicing the United States and Canada, and currently operating in two provinces with three offices. Joe started Rally in 2008 with a staff of three and taking it to a team of over twenty and sales that are almost six times greater than when Rally was founded.

Rally Logistics was nominated as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada.

Joe is also an accredited investor in other tech start-ups and most recently in a water company that will be going public in the spring of 2021. He has put his money where his mouth is, investing close to $300,000 in Razzall.

Joe has always had a passion for business and growing businesses. When the idea came to bring razzing to the masses, within months, he had a business plan and began developing the platform.  Joe is a goal-orientated individual, and Razzall is his newest goal. His experience as an investor, and business builder, with his commitment, will raise the bar until Razzall is a household name similar to eBay or Amazon.  

He firmly believes that as the only crowd purchasing platform in the world, the opportunities are endless.  What fuels his drive is not just his own passion for bettering himself, but the passion he has to share Razzall with the world and bring his investors along for the ride!

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Marco Corsetti

Marco Corsetti


Marco has been an instrumental member of the Rally Logistics team for over a decade, helping the business grow to today's success. With a background in business, Marco specializes in customer service with over 20 years of experience. He understands what drives consumers, as well as the key characteristics that make a service-based business successful. 

Marco has a love for Sports and Sports Memorabilia, which was the basis for his wanting to be a part of the Razzall platform. He has been with Razzall since Day 1 coming onboard as he believed in Razzall’s mission and business model not to mention the fact that “the idea for Razzall was born out of our love for Sports.”

Marco and Joe have worked together at Rally Logistics and their working together at Razzall made a lot of business sense as they looked to bring the Rally Logistics success to Razzall. Marco, is Vice-President for Razzall and helps with the day to day operations. In addition, Marco helps develop new strategies to get the Razzall brand out into the world. 

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Ben Ezra

Ben Ezra

Head of Marketing

Ben entered the world of online marketing in 2006 and has spent the past 15 years helping various companies grow by leveraging multiple online marketing strategies. Ben has authored three self-published books and grew a YouTube channel to over 3 million views and over 40 thousand subscribers that included people worldwide. 

Ben has always had a passion for sports and began collecting sports cards at the age of eight. He joined Razzall in Sept. 2019 bringing his experience with him. Over the past 2 years he has worked hard to increase Razzall’s visibility and growth. 

"Razzing has never been more popular than it is now - especially in the sports card/sports memorabilia space. I truly believe that Razzall will become the next big thing, and I'm glad to be a part of it!"

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Jordan Piluso

Jordan Piluso

Co-Founder of Espress Labs Inc. - Razzall Inc. IT Team

Jordan has 10 years of experience in the IT field. He co-founded Espress Labs, a digital strategy firm in 2003 with Dan Ifrim and has worked with top brands such as: Adidas and Reebok, as well as a Fortune 500 bank. Jordan is passionate about being a part of new and challenging concepts and ideas. Razzall was no exception. Jordan worked on the UX and implemented the UX audit that was handled by a third party. 

With respect to Razzall he says: “Many of the challenges with Razzall were unique as it is a new ecommerce spin (crowd purchasing) and kept me engaged the entire time.”

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Dan Ifrim

Dan Ifrim

CEO of Espress Labs Inc. - Razzall Inc. IT Team

Dan co-founded Express Labs with Jordan Piluso in 2003 and now Espress Labs is a leading digital strategy development firm. Dan’s career spans a breadth of industries and technologies, including stints in Venture, B2B, B2C, K-12 education and live event production.

Espress Labs is a made up of smart, kind, and reliable people who are excited to develop and push boundaries every day. Our clients are leaders in the technology, finance, education, and Direct to Consumer categories.

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Project launched


Razzall in the News

Razzall Inc. sent out a press release April 15th that was widely picked up throughout North America. Notably, the release was picked up by Yahoo Finance, and the Canadian Business Journal. This is a big step forward for Razzall’s growth and visibility in the ecommerce and business space. 

April 23, 2021: Check out The Peak's recent feature on Razzall and how they are the next big thing in ecommerce!

May 4, 2021: A recent IBM study speaks to the desire of multiple generations to return to post-COVID-19 behaviours and social interactions such as, live sporting events, concerts, as well as travel. Read the full article here: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/ibm-consumer-study-points-to-potential-recovery-of-retail-and-travel-industries-as-consumers-receive-the-covid-19-vaccine-811266459.html

May 6, 2021: Razzall continues to gain traction and make headway in the tech space. The Daily Hive Toronto recently did a feature on Razzall and founder Joe Rubini. Read the full article here: https://dailyhive.com/toronto/razzall-makes-history-as-first-crowd-purchasing-platform

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Razzall in the News

May 7, 2021: Check out Razzall Fonder & CEO Joe Rubini on Toronto Starts podcast.  He speaks to how Razzall came to be, how it works, and why they are staged to be the next big thing in ecommerce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsDZCo4wadw

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Razzall - Our Business Model Presentation (May 11 8pm EST)

Razzall - Our Business Model

Time: May 11, 8:00 PM EST

Registration link: https://bit.ly/3vLe9Ep 

Description: Founded in 2018 and based out of Toronto, ON Razzall Inc. is revolutionizing ecommerce with its auction style website and application that has been live for two years. Razzall has trademarked Crowd Purchasing, where a group of individuals purchase an item for a fraction of the cost, putting the buying power back into consumer's hands. Razzall is verified, transparent, fun and taking ecommerce by storm.

There will be time for questions from the attendees.

Joe Rubini founder and CEO will review Razzall’s business model and walk you through the process to invest on Equivesto, an exempt market dealer platform that opens up investing for all Canadians living in Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and Nova Scotia.

Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/razzall-our-business-model-tickets-153893594885?aff=ebdssbonlinesearch

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Razzall - Over 80% Funded and Campaign Extension

Razzall's campaign has just passed 80% funded!  To build on this strong community support, Razzall has also extended their campaign closing date to June 18, 2021.  Even after Razzall passed 100% of their funding goal, investors will still be able to invest up to Razzall's maximum raise amount.  

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Razzall Webinar: Marketing and the Team Behind Razzall

Time: May 19, 8 pm EST

Registration link: https://bit.ly/2SOuYQG

Description: Founded in 2018 and based out of Toronto, ON,  Razzall Inc. is revolutionizing ecommerce with its auction style website and application that has been live for two years. Razzall has trademarked Crowd Purchasing, where a group of individuals purchase an item for a fraction of the cost, putting the buying power back into consumer's hands. Razzall is verified, transparent, fun and taking ecommerce by storm.

Joe Rubini, founder and CEO, joined by Ben Ezra, Director of Marketing will present to you Razzall’s marketing strategy and demonstrate how Razz works. A winner for a pair of earbuds will be selected during the webinar. 

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Razzall - Over 100% Funded & Increased Minimum Investment

Razzall is officially over 100% funded!  Razzall has met their minimum raise goal of $100,000, but investors can still invest up to the maximum raise amount or the campaign close date of June 18, 2021.  Razzall has also increased in the minimum investment amount from $103.95 to $247.50.  

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Live Q&A With Razzall Founder

Live Q&A with Razzall Founder

Time: May 26, 8 PM EST 

Registration link: https://bit.ly/3fc2N7a

This webinar will allow investors to ask any questions regarding Razzall and our current investment opportunity on Equivesto. We will also demonstrate how Razzall works and fill in a razz LIVE during our webinar. 

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Live 'Ask me Anything' with Razzall Founder & CEO, Joe Rubini 

Time: Jun 15, 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

Registration link: https://app.livewebinar.com/795-746-244/x/SJCLAf5U

Next Tuesday June 15th at 8 pm EST join Founder and CEO Joe Rubini for an "Ask Me Anything" webinar where he will be taking questions related to how investors make money, Razzall's business model and more. 

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Razzall Campaign Closed - Over 127% Raised!

Razzall's campaign has closed with over 127% raised!  Thank you to all of the investors who came together to support Razzall.  Equivesto and Razzall will now begin the 'closing' process which takes 30 days.  All investments made during the campaign are being finalized, after which the paperwork and legal filings will be completed.  

Once the filings are complete, everyone who participated will officially become investors in Razzall, and the Razzall team will reach out directy to continue the relationship with each investor, explain their next steps, and how frequently investors can expect updates.  

The Investment documents signed when making the investment are your official legal documents records, and the Razzall team will update their corporate records and ensure each investor is added as a shareholder.  No further documentaiton or work is required from investors.  

Please reach out to Equivesto or the Razzall team if you have questions. 

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No Q&A have been posted for this campaign yet. Ask the project creator directly.