Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund II

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund II
Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund II


Funded Of $50,000,000.00 Goal
84.84% Raised
Equity Growth Offer. Structure
47 Days Days Left
$50,000.00 Min. investment
$7,579,330.00 Max. investment
N/A Minimum Raise
$50,000,000.00 Maximum Raise

Offering Description

Target Total Annual Return 20%+

About: The Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund is an exclusive opportunity to invest passively alongside Scott McGillivray and his trusted team in a portfolio of primarily residential development projects focused on Canadian markets with exceptional growth potential. We work with experienced, best-in-class development partners to source and co-manage a portfolio of real estate assets in our target markets.

Fund Objective: The primary strategy involves investing equity capital in residential real estate opportunities to grow our investor’s capital base. We take an Active Approach and have invested in projects with 450+ units, and a gross development value of more than $350 million.

With Fund II we are building off the success of our inaugural fund, and essentially replicating the same strategy. We’re leveraging our relationships and the current market environment to source high quality, off-market deals not traditionally available to most investors. We think our timing is perfect - we’re raising capital and looking for investments when market sentiment is weakest, which has historically been the most opportune time to buy.

Simplicity Meets Profitability – Experience the Power of Passive Investing



Bonus Units

Subscription Amount Bonus Units (%)
$250,000 - $499,999 1%
$500,000+ 2%

Example: $400,000 subscription would be entitled to $4,000 of Bonus Units (1% x $400,000), which will be applied to the Subscriber’s initial investment.

Investment Terms

NOTE: You will need your Bank Account Number, Transit Number, and Institution Number to Invest.

This offering is for Accredited Investors and Eligible Investors Only

This Offering is TFSA/RRSP Eligible.  PLEASE SPEAK TO EQUIVESTO before investing if you wish to invest via TFSA/RRSP.

Eligible Investors and Accredited Investors invest into Scott McGillivray Real Estate Trust II.

The Trust plans to invest its funds into Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund II LP.  The Trustees of the Trust are Andrew and Scott McGillivray.

Eligible & Accredited Investors investing over $50,000

Securities: Class A Mutual Fund Trust Units

Minimum Subsctiption Amount: CAD $50,000

Subscription Price: CAD $10.00 per Unit

Target Returns: The Partnership & Trust do not pay monthly or annual distributions, and have a target total return of 20%+ per annum (net) for Class A Units.  Investors in the Trust may have slightly lower returns to cover the costs related to the trust. 

Management fee for Class A Units: 2% per annum

Eligible & Accredited Investors investing between $25,000 and $49,999

Securities: Class B Mutual Fund Trust Units

Minimum Subscription Agreement: CAD $25,000

Subscription Price: CAD $10.00 per unit

Target Returns:The Partnership & Trust do not pay monthly or annual distributions, and have a target total return of 15%+ per annum (net) for Class B Units.  Investors in the Trust may have slightly lower returns to cover the costs related to the trust. 

Managment Fee for Class B Units: 7% per annum

Additional Terms:

Investment Term: 4 Years Open Ended Mutual Fund Trust, one 12 month optional extension, Redeemable upon request, subject to fees and terms.  See Offering Memorandum section 5.5 for details.  

Offering Size: There is no maximum or minimum offering size.

Target Fund Size: CAD $50,000,000

Investor Relations: Quarterly Investor Reports / Annual Audited Financial Statements

Please note these outlined returns and distributions are targets only, and the General Partner makes no assurances that the partnership will meet these targets.  

This is a shortened summary of the investment offering, and does not contain all details.  Please review the Limited Partnership Agreement, Offering Memorandum and Term Sheet (both attached to this offering page) in detail prior to investing.  

Project launched


How is the Fund structured?

We wanted to create an opportunity that was available to the widest audience, therefore we have created a Trust-LP structure with an Offering Memorandum, which allows us to have Accredited and Non-Accredited investors, as well as allow for investing through Registered Plans (RRSP-TFSA). Our trustee partner is Olympia Trust - the largest in the industry.

Describe the Fund strategy – will it be more than one project? Where are you investing?

We are focused on creating value (returns) through real estate development, namely residential, low-to-mid rise housing in Southern Ontario. Our objective is to invest in 3-5 different Residential Development Projects (diversification) on an Equity basis, taking an ownership stake and an Active role in Management (Private Equity).

We believe there are strong, sustainable and supportive fundamental factors at play, namely in southern Ontario, such as Restrictive land-use policies, Population growth, and economic factors, while at the same time the Provincial Government has introduced housing initiatives to incentivize real estate development. These factors will continue to be positive for new housing development.

When it comes to our development partners, we look for those with a strong management team, strong track record and capitalization structure. (The Fund is the ‘Capital Partner’ in the relationship with the developer being the ‘Working Partner’.) We take an active role in the management of the Projects through controlling interests and Board membership.

What is the minimum investment? Can I use Registered Funds?

The stated Minimum Investment is $50K, however, depending on your individual circumstances considerations may be made, so please ask. For reference, in Fund I the average accredited investor was about $100K, and as high as $500K. And yes, you can invest using registered funds including RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, etc. through Olympia Trust.

What are the expected returns? How can they be so high?

The Target Total Annual Return is 20%+. The Value appreciation (land + new housing) that can be created through the development cycle (rezoning through construction) can be very attractive. While there are certainly always risks, when done correctly, the margins -and therefore investor returns - have the potential to be substantial.

How do the returns work? When should I expect Distributions?

Fund returns (distributions) from underlying investments in Development projects and properties (equity) will be returned as the ‘Exit Strategies’ for each are realized, which will be closer to the end of the Fund Term which is targeted within a 4-5 year time horizon.

Can you tell me about the Term? What happens after the 4-5 years?

The Term is 4-5 Years, and ultimately depends on the underlying projects. Our objective is to invest the fund capital in opportunities that meet the fund mandate from a strategy and risk/return perspective, but also the Term we have set. This means that the Exit Strategies for each asset will be assessed with this framework/constraints in mind. Development Projects tend to be somewhat fluid, so we aim to remain flexible while alway keeping the best interest of our investors core to our strategy.

Can I get my money back before the end of the term?

The LP is a closed-end fund – which means there are no redemption rights. The Trust does have redemption rights, but there is a redemption penalty. The underlying investments for this type of Fund are inherently illiquid, and therefore the fund structure must align with that – each investor should be aware of the illiquid nature of this fund, and plan accordingly.

Is my money Guaranteed?

We are confident in the abilities of our team to make sound investment decisions, however please keep in mind that there are no guarantees for the vast majority of investment opportunities (unless you want GICs or Government paper which come with a substantially lower risk adjusted return). We address this risk through diversification of our investments.

The security/collateral is the Property. The fund invests equity capital, which represents an ownership stake in the projects/properties, and it is management’s role to ensure security is strong, and properties are leveraged appropriately to mitigate risk.

The underlying Development Projects are typically structured so that the fund has a ‘priority’ of capital repayment and ‘preferred return’ before the profits are shared with a development partner (if applicable). At the Fund level, investor capital is the first to be repaid (Distribution Waterfall).

What are the fees? Explain how we are aligned

  • Management Fee of 2% per year

  • Carried Interest of 30%, above a 8% hurdle rate (per annum)

  • Alignment: We invest our own money alongside all investors (same class, no special class of units)

  • Alignment: We have a carried interest – this is far and away the Bulk of our (Management Group) compensation which provides alignment to the success (profitability) of the underlying project. We share in the success overall, or we don’t get paid.

What is the Communication Frequency between the Fund and Investors?

  • Quarterly fund updates
  • Monthly distribution statements (emailed)

  • Annual audited financials, and tax slips.

  • We're here for you as needed to answer any questions that may arise

Tell me more about the management team. What experience do you have?

The Scott McGillivray Real Estate GP team consists of four founding partners with a variety of complementary skill sets, including real estate, development and asset management expertise. Together we have a combined 50+ years of experience and accreditations that include CPA, CFA, BComm, PMP and MBA. You can read more about Scott McGillivray, Andrew McGillivray, Dan Pero, and Erik Kroman in our Investment Presentation.

With the overwhelming demand in the Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund I we had to stop accepting investors early. The Fund closed with a Total Fund Size of just over $15M, and consisting of 200+ investors. Our management team achieved the objective to create a diversified real estate fund, focused on equity capital, by investing in three institutional-grade development projects and providing investors access to three asset types and locations. Development investments were made in Toronto, Hamilton, and Frankford; a Primary Market, High Growth secondary market, and Tertiary (growth) market respectively, with 450+ units and $350M+ of Development Build-out Value.

I want to Invest. What are the next steps?

Investor funds will be accepted on a priority basis. The Closing schedule for the Fund is Monthly– which means investors can come into the Fund on a month-end basis (for example, Feb 28th, Mar.31st, etc. until such time as we hit our Target Capital raise of ~$30M at which point we with Close the Fund to new investment.

Next Steps – For those who want to invest, we will introduce you to one of our licensed Exempt Market Dealing representative partners who can guide you through the subscription (investment) process and ensure the investment is suitable. We operate in a highly regulated environment, and have put in place a structure to both meet the Compliance requirements set by the regulators (Ontario Securities Commission) but also to streamline the on-boarding process for investors.

A Registered Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) is there to help manage the investment process. The Canadian Securities Regulators mandate private funds like ours to work with an Exempt Market Dealer when raising capital. The EMD completes due diligence on our fund to provide confidence to you as an investor, and are also licensed to provide financial advice to investors around the fund itself and its related risks.

Please make sure to review the Offering memorandum and/or Term sheet for full details!!

Fund 1 was well Oversubscribed and many investors didn’t get in in time. Please CALL or EMAIL US to secure your spot!!