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Sportsman Logistics Inc.
Sportsman Logistics Inc.


Funded Of $35,000.00 Goal
115.71% Raised
Equity Crowdfunding Offer. Structure
69 Days Days Left
$500.00 Min. investment
$250,000.00 Max. investment
$35,000 Minimum Raise
$1,500,000 Maximum Raise

Offering Description

Up to 11% Annual Dividends


Investor Presentation



5 Reasons to Invest


  1. Strong Market Niche with High Demand - Sportsman Logistics Inc. addresses a significant gap in the sporting goods retail market by offering specialized inventory management and finance services. Focused on small and mid-sized retailers in Alberta, the company taps into a market with a clear need for services growing at 5.4% each year, ensuring a steady demand and a solid foundation for growth.
  2. Innovative Business Model with Proven Traction - The partnership with Ski Cellar Snowboard demonstrates the practical value and market acceptance of Sportsman Logistics Inc.'s solutions. Reducing inventory management costs for clients proves the model's efficacy and highlights the potential for scalability and expansion into broader markets.
  3. Annual Returns - Offering up to 11% annual dividends, all returns paid out as quarterly distributions. Sportsman's business model is designed to provide consistent returns to investors.
  4. Exclusive Investor Benefits - In addition to financial returns, investors gain up to 20% off purchases at Ski Cellar Snowboard. This additional perk enhances the investment's value and strengthens the relationship between investors, Sportsman Logistics Inc., and its partner retailers.
  5. Contribution to Local Economic Growth - Investing in Sportsman Logistics Inc. means directly supporting the local economy. By enabling small and mid-sized retailers to thrive, investors contribute to preserving local businesses, sustaining employment, and supporting community resilience. 


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Our Story


When Neil Richardson became President of Ski Cellar Snowboard, Calgary’s best ski and snowboard shop that has been supporting Calgary and the surrounding area since 1946, he wanted to invest in the back-end processes of the business to modernize and improve efficiency. He discovered two major challenges. First, the highly efficient systems were designed for large chains of stores, not single or small to mid-sized chains. Secondly, there is a significant lag between ordering, paying for, and then selling items in sporting goods.

With cash tied up in stock and to get discounts, items needed to be paid upfront, often months before the stock came in, let alone was sold. Inventory financing companies are rare in Canada. Neil approached the bank, but they did not treat the stock as suitable for loan collateral. On top of that, when he tried to discuss it with the bank, the small business bankers said he was too big, and the next tier-up said his requirements were too small.

Unbelievable, what are small to midsized retailers, especially those with cash tied up in inventory supposed to do? He realized he was not alone.

That’s when Sportsman Logistics was born. Named after the historical Sportsman Brand attached with Ski Cellar Snowboard.



For inventory management, he partnered with David Snell, a successful Calgary entrepreneur and technical solutions provider. Together, they built a robust and scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that met the needs of small retailers and gave them the tools the big guys have. It requires less people's time, reduced errors, enabled online selling with inventory tracking, and is designed to be cost-effective, ensuring that even the smallest retailers can benefit from cutting-edge technology.

Sportsman Logistics offers an innovative model that provides accessible and retailer-friendly financing options. This model recognizes inventory as a valuable asset and bridges the gap between stock purchase and sales revenue, offering retailers the working capital they need, free from traditional banking system constraints.



By focusing on the unique needs of sporting goods retailers within Alberta, Sportsman Logistics ensures that products with no expiry or "best before" dates are turned over efficiently, effectively reducing dead stock and improving cash flow. 

Ski Cellar Snowboard is the first customer and is already seeing benefits in:

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Automated order management 
  • Dynamic pricing support
  • Sales and margin analytics
  • Integrated financial services


All in a scalable, cloud-based system that works over all of their locations.



Ready to Grow


Sportsman Logistics is ready to leverage the local aspect and the power of the community to expand the customer base.

  • By prioritizing the 'Shop Local, Invest Local' philosophy, we can harness the vibrant community spirit of the Calgary-Banff corridor. This can be achieved through forming partnerships, organizing local events, and fostering collaborations with nearby businesses.
  • New users, such as soccer, tennis, or hockey stores, will be encouraged to offer a discount to our shareholders. This is a benefit to investors and the retailers that gain potential new shoppers wanting to use their discount.
  • Marketing efforts are designed to attract customers and create brand advocates. By highlighting the partnership with Ski Cellar Snowboard and the tangible benefits to investors and partners, Sportsman Logistics is building a community around a shared vision for economic growth and retail innovation.


The Leadership Team


Meet the leaders who are driving the vision forward:

  • Neil Richardson - President & Visionary Leader: With a rich background in corporate law and as the President of Heritage Property Corporation, Neil brings strategic leadership and a keen understanding of retail operations. His stewardship of Ski Cellar Snowboard showcases his ability to innovate and sustain growth in competitive markets.
  • David Snell - Technology & Operations Strategist: David's extensive experience in technology, including senior roles at Ivrnet Inc., Home Media Corp, and Wi-Lan Inc., equips him with the insight to drive our platform's technological evolution and ensure it remains cutting-edge and user-friendly.



The Numbers


Use of Proceeds

To provide the startup capital necessary for Sportsman Logistics to provide inventory management and finance services to Ski Cellar Snowboard and to acquire and service future customers.


Five Year Financials



Offering Perks

We are seeking investors who want to support this vital part of the economy with a proven solution.

We’re offering non-voting preferred shares and perks at three different tiers, giving you a healthy return on your investment and a great discount from your local Ski Cellar Snowboard store plus new stores as they come on board.



Shop Local. Support Local. Invest Local.

Sportsman Logistics Inc. was created to provide specialized inventory management and finance services to small and midsized retailers in the sporting goods industry. With your help, we can financially help local small and midsized businesses by “Shopping Local” and “Investing Local.”

Offering Terms

NOTE: You will need your Bank Account Number, Transit Number, and Institution Number to Invest.

This Offering is NOT open to investors from Quebec. 

Minimum Raise: $35,000 for 35,000 Preferred Shares (Class G, H or I) at $1.00 per Preferred Share.  

Max Raise: $1,500,000 for 1,500,000 Preferred Shares (Class G, H or I) at $1.00 per Preferred Share.  

Minimum investment amount: $500.00

Securities offered: Class G, H or I Preferred Shares (non voting)

Annual Dividend Rates:

Class I Preferred Shares (min investment $500): 8% per annum

Class H Preferred Shares (min investment $2,500): 9.5% per annum

Class G Preferred Shares (min investment $10,000): 11% per annum

Please see 45-110 Offering Document, Articles of Amendment, and the Shareholder's Agreement for full details of rights associated with the preferred shares.  You must create an account on Equivesto to view attached documents. 

Forward Looking Statements Disclosure

The information contained within this offering page and related presentations constitutes forward-looking statements and includes, but is not limited to, the (i) projected financial performance of the Company; (ii) sources, availability, and the use of proceeds from third-party financing for the Company’s projects; (iii) the expected development of the Company’s business, projects, and partnerships; (iv) execution of the Company’s vision and growth strategy; and (v) future liquidity, working capital, and capital requirements. Forward-looking statements are provided to allow potential investors the opportunity to understand management’s beliefs and opinions in respect of the future so that they may use such beliefs and opinions as one factor in evaluating an investment. 

These statements should not be taken as guarantees of future performance, and undue reliance should not be placed upon them. Such forward-looking statements necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual performance and financial results in future periods to differ materially from any projections of future performance or result expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. 

Although forward-looking statements contained in this presentation are based upon what management of the Company believes are reasonable assumptions, there can be no assurance that forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances or management’s estimates or opinions should change except as required by applicable securities laws. The reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. 

Please review the Issuer’s Business and Risks sections of the Offering Document or Offering Memorandum if available for full explanations of the material factors, assumptions used and risks. 

The forward-looking statements have been approved by management as of the launch date of this offering.

Project launched



Investor Webinar - March 27th

Join the Sportsman Logistics leadership team for a discussion on how they discovered the unmet need for small to mid sized business, and how they have developed a solution that allows sports retailers to have the same tools to compete with the big box stores. Also, David and Neil will share the impact the system has had on the inventory and financial management of their first customer, Ski Cellar Snowboard. There will be time to ask questions. Sign up for your personalised link and reminders:

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Calgary Investor Event - April 11th

For investors in Calgary, we will be hosting a live investor event on 11th April at 6pm.


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Sportsman Logistics 45-110 F1 Offering Document Update

Sportsman Logisitcs has updated their 45-110F1 Offering document.  They adjusted the minimum closing amount required to $35,000 from $250,000.

The Sportsman Logistics Team provides the following commentary:

An opportunity arose to work with local niche ski producers Paradise skis to increase local inventory for sale through web channels and local retailers.  As a small local manufacturer custom orders must to be placed in the spring for summer production and fall sales.  This initiative requires less cash than previously forecasted and Sportsman is excited to close and move forward helping both local manufacturers and retailers. 

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How does Sportsman Logistics empower local businesses with its inventory management solutions?

We provide small to medium-sized businesses with advanced tools typically available only to larger competitors. Our system includes real-time tracking and predictive analytics, which help businesses maintain just the right amount of inventory, reducing both excess and deficiencies and thus enhancing overall operational efficiency. We also simplify uploading products and managing them in an online store.

Can you explain the financial support model that Sportsman Logistics offers to its clients?

Our model is designed to give access to inventory to our clients due to banks often not accepting inventory as collateral, nor being set up for businesses of their size. We purchase the inventory on behalf of our clients, allowing them to benefit from bulk buying discounts without the immediate cash outlay. This stock is then available for them under a consignment arrangement, which helps improve their margins and competitiveness. Plus we can track all the inventory throughout the consignment process.

What are the risks involved for investors in Sportsman Logistics?

Like all investments, those in Sportsman Logistics carry risk, including market variability and operational risks. However, our business model, demonstrated by our traction with the initial client Ski Cellar Snowboard, goes towards mitigating these risks. We employ a rigorous approach to client selection and inventory management to further protect our operations and investor capital. Please review our Offering Document for further details on Sportsman Logistics associated risks.

How sustainable is your business model in the face of economic downturns or shifts in consumer behaviour?

Our business model is built to be resilient, benefiting from the essential nature of inventory in retail operations. Even in economic downturns, businesses must manage inventory efficiently to survive and thrive, which maintains the demand for our services. Additionally, our financial assistance model adapts to changing economic conditions, offering more support during tougher times.

How does Sportsman Logistics compare to its competitors?

Traditional inventory management solutions focus solely on software or physical logistics, Sportsman Logistics integrates financial solutions that create immediate cash flow benefits for our clients. This dual approach not only enhances our value proposition but also builds a stronger dependency and loyalty from our clients, leading to sustained revenue streams.

How does Sportsman Logistics plan to scale its operations geographically?

Initially focused on Calgary, we plan to expand our reach across other Canadian cities and eventually into North American markets. Our system is highly adaptable to different retail environments and sectors, which supports our scaling strategy.

What are the projected financial returns for investors, and how are they calculated?

We project dividends up to 11% for our investors, based on our capital cycling model. This model focuses on quick turnover of capital through consignment and inventory financing, allowing us to generate returns from multiple cycles within a year. These projections are based on current operations and conservative estimates of scaling over the next few years. We plan to pay dividends three months after the shares are issued, so the earlier you invest the earlier you can see a return.

How can investors monitor their investment and see the impact of their capital?

We will provide regular updates through newsletters to our investors.

What is the exit strategy for investors, and how does Sportsman Logistics facilitate this?

Investors have the option to request a buyback of their shares starting at 12 months from the date of their initial investment. There is a 3-month notice period required to process this request. If you initiate the buyback process at 12 months, the actual return of funds will be completed by the 15th month. This notice period allows us to ensure that capital management is handled efficiently and in alignment with our operational needs, benefiting both our business and our investors.