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Tapebook Ltd.
Tapebook Ltd.


Funded Of $50,000.04 Goal
15.19% Raised
Equity Crowdfunding Offer. Structure
41 Days Days Left
$250.20 Min. investment
$50,000.04 Max. investment
50,000 Minimum Raise
1,000,000 Maximum Raise

Offering Description

Five Reasons to Invest

  1. Proven platform with an iOS app and web application.
  2. TapeReal has a focused target audience whose needs are not met by the platforms today (privacy, algorithm free, authentic content, human connection, easy to use, ability to monetize)
  3. Allows creators of all sizes to monetize instantly 
  4. Affordable Cost per Acquisition of between $3-5 with a Lifetime Value projected to double in the next two years 
  5. Experienced team in place who have decades worth of social media experience and know what success looks like.


"My name is Ali Shah, and when I founded TapeReal in 2018, I was motivated by wanting to create more for future generations, including my children. In addition, I wanted to create a social media platform where the users were not the product; where connection, not confrontation, was front and centre, and people could have debates and discussions around a wide variety of topics. As a successful entrepreneur, I've founded 5 companies and consulted for over 20 others. I am driven by tackling large projects, and I am so happy about the growth that TapeReal has made to date for our community and ushering in a new era in social media.

I am looking to raise a minimum of $50k and a maximum of $1 million. The $50,000 would allow us to launch new features on iOS. Raising $175,000 would allow us to improve iOS and develop an Android app, which would enable TapeReal to access more creators. Our maximum raise goal of $1 million would transform how TapeReal can penetrate the market and create a step change in how social media is presented and give us enough runway to grow the business for the next couple of years."

Ali Shah, Founder and CEO of TapeReal

Market Needs

The global social networking platform market was evaluated at $192.95 billion USD in 2019 with a CAGR of 25.38%, projected to reach $939.679 billion by the year 2026; the market is massive. Furthermore, 64 percent of those using current social networking platforms are concerned about their privacy and the misuse of their personal data.

Source: GlobeNewswire - Research and Markets

The most recent Facebook whistleblower testimony has highlighted what many have been seeing and experiencing for some time. There are some significant ethical issues with how Facebook, its companies, and traditional social media conduct business. The whistleblower was not the first and will surely not be the last to highlight some of the glaring issues that we as a society face.


Algorithm-based platforms, doing what they have been designed to do – increase engagement to increase profit – have created a social media culture where hate, discrimination, polarization, perfection, comparison and mental health issues, particularly for youth, are all on the rise.

Connection is fleeting and based on a filtered perception of reality. It is next to impossible for anyone but the most successful creators to make a living, never mind access plurality of opinion. In addition, the user has become the product or commodity sold on these platforms, removing any sense of privacy or autonomy.


An Algorithm Free Social Media Platform and Marketplace for EXCLUSIVE Content.

TapeReal, founded in 2018, was created as a solution to the above. TapeReal represents a new era in social media, algorithm and filter-free, where you can publish, discuss, and monetize your meaningful content.

That does not mean that profit is out the window. It does mean that real human connection, privacy, and a plurality of perspectives, discussion and debate are paramount, as well as ease of use.

TapeReal is structured around four primary areas:


At TapeReal, we are committed to generating revenue without having the user be the commodity. We are ushering in a new era in social media and we’re calling it #socialreality.

How it Works

TapeReal was designed with ease of use at its centre. One button to generate and upload content, easy search, user friendly interface. On TapeReal, you can even call your friends to record an audio or video podcast together right from your phone.

TapeReal generates revenue through monthly subscription plans and the sale of our in-app currency, “RealCoins.”

Monthly subscription plans give you a higher rank on the app, automates your audience growth, and gives you access to future premium features. This helps creators focus on creating as opposed to creating for virality or appeasing algorithms.

RealCoins sold on the application act as a means of exchange to unlock and purchase access to exclusive content. Exclusive content can be behind-the-scenes material, early access episodes, bonus content, unreleased music, educational/course material, or anything generally not available for free on the platform.

This makes TapeReal a marketplace for selling and buying access to audio/video content without the hassle of using or integrating third party payment processors. Creators set the price for unlocking their exclusive content and get to keep ALL the earnings. Once a Creator has earned $100 US dollars, they can submit a request to withdraw their earnings which initiates TapeReal’s verification and payout process.

To secure a creator’s privacy and content ownership, TapeReal prevents users from screen recording content from the app. TapeReal will continue to build the right monetization tools that empower creators to monetize content on their terms while preserving the privacy of our community.

A larger base of users will attract carefully curated brand advertising opportunities and sponsorship deals for creators and viewers alike. Our vision is to empower everyone with more choice and control over their data and how it gets used for advertising purposes.


With a relatively low cost of acquisition, between $3 and 5 dollars, we can attract quality members to help increase the meaningful content available on the app.


TapeReal is self-funded by founder Ali to date and, since launching in August 2019 on the App Store, has seen growth across several key areas:

  • Total TapeReal users 484 in 2019 to 11,902 in 2021 (current pace)
  • Total Tapes/Videos played 4,165 in 2019 to 81,585 in 2021 (current pace)
  • Current average engagement time per active user on the app is 7m 54s

The Android waitlist is consistently growing, and Android users would provide TapeReal with more creators and more engagement on the platform. In 2020 and 2021, TapeReal was voted Top 5 social media apps by Mobile App Daily in 2020 and 2021. The interest and awareness around a new way of doing social media is growing exponentially, and the Facebook whistleblower has brought this to the fore. The time is now to put fuel to the fire and grow TapeReal.

Sales to Date & Future Projections

TapeReal has completed its testing and is now generating revenue, and almost at the breakeven point. A cash injection from investors would take our growth to the next level and significantly increase the company's revenue.


With a million dollars raised, we aim to be cash positive in 2023. Essential to TapeReal's growth is being able to reach a broader audience to attract more users. The business model is proven, and the demand for a platform like TapeReal's has been demonstrated. The raise will enable all the above to fall into place.


As mentioned to date, TapeReal has been 100% self-funded by founder Ali. Now the company is ready for investment to break through to the next level of growth.

TapeReal is offering in this first round of funding shares at $0.36/share, and individuals can invest in TapeReal from as little as $250.

TapeReal is also offering the following three investment perks:

  • $500+ investment gets 1 month free premium membership
  • $5,000+ investment gets 1 year free premium membership; and
  • $25,000 investment gets a lifetime premium membership on TapeReal!


There are no fees for you to invest through the Equivesto portal. For Accredited Investors in Canada looking to invest in TapeReal from outside of the provinces in which Equivesto operates, please reach out to Equivesto directly to find out about the process.

Accredited Investors (US & International Only)

If you are an Accredited Investor looking to invest in TapeReal from the USA or other countries, please reach out to Equivesto directly to find out about the process or send an email to ali@tapereal.com to initiate the process.

Use of Funds

We have proved the model and grown the business and are on track to surpass 11,000 registered members this year.

Investment in TapeReal would allow us to hit all our growth requirements, with most of the funds raised going towards development and user acquisition at 39 and 36 percent, respectively.


Hitting our maximum raise would help us grow to nearly half a million users and allow TapeReal to usher in a new era in social media, #socialreality.

Exit Strategy

There are three routes to liquidity:

  1. Strategic purchase via acquisition
  2. TapeReal makes an application for IPO or RTO
  3. Build a successful and sustainable company with solid returns for our investors with subsequent raises in the U.S. growing our market share

Currently, there are no guarantees for the company to sell its shares publicly, and there is no specific interest in purchasing the company. The company will be exploring the three routes to liquidity however, our preference would be to go public.

Invest in TapeReal, and the capital raised will allow TapeReal to be the change that 64 percent of people are asking for, a social media platform where privacy and the user are paramount, where your authentic self is more than enough, where discussion and debate are valued, and where creators can monetize from day one!

Summary of Offering Terms

NOTE: You will need your Bank Account Number, Transit Number, and Institution Number to Invest.

Pre-money valuation (before investment received): ~$3,600,000

Minimum Raise: ~$50,000 for 138,889 Common Shares for 1.087% at $0.36 per Common Share.

Max Raise: ~$1,000,000 for 2,777,778 Common Shares for 21.739% at $0.36 per Common Share.  

Securities offered: Class CF Common Shares (Non Voting)

Please see attached Offering Document and Shareholder’s Agreement for full offering details and rights of the shares. 

In the News

TapeReal is making headlines with its groundbreaking algorithm and filter free social media platform. Here is some of the recent coverage:



Management Team

Ali Shah

Ali Shah

Founder and CEO

Ali founded TapeReal in 2018 out of a passion for all things tech and wanting to create a platform and app that created meaningful connection. Ali had developed 2 apps prior to incorporating “TapeBook” in November of 2018, and used those to help refine what he wanted to offer with what would become TapeReal. He also wanted his platform to put the user first and encourage a plurality of opinion, where discussion, debate and the ability to monetize were front and centre. 

Throughout his over 20 year career in the tech space, Ali has founded five companies,  two tech start-ups that have iterated to TapeReal, a restaurant that he ran and subsequently sold, as well as a web research company that is still in operation called Web Star Research.

Over the decades Ali has developed a wealth of experience in product, analytics, and market research. He has been an instructor both at Seneca College in Web Optimization and at the University of British Columbia in their Web Intelligence Program. Ali has also created success for companies like A&W, Hootsuite, and Postmedia, to name a few.

Ali brings all the above to TapeReal. To date, he has self-funded TapeReal and is committed to seeing the company succeed. A new era of social media ushered in, one where the users are not a commodity that is traded for the company's profit. 

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Gabriela -

Gabriela -

Creative Outreach

Gabriela is a podcaster with four years experience in sales and business pipeline development. She is passionate about creating positive change and connections in the social media space and is excited by what TapeReal is doing in the space to change the way connection happens on social platforms. 

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Asyrof -

Asyrof -

Design Lead

Asyrof is a digital architect with over five years of experience in UX/UI and design. His expertise is focused on start ups, AR/VR, and product ideation. Asyrof loves what Ali and TapeReal are doing in the social media space and believes strongly that TapeReal is on the path to success. 

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Robert -

Robert -

Creative Lead

Robert is an artist with a swiss-army-knife skill set. With over five years of experience in creative, content, and strategic partnerships, he brings his experience and artistic skills as a creator to the TapeReal team. Robert loves what TapeReal is doing for creators and is thrilled to be a part of the team.

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Dmitry -

Dmitry -

Project Manager

Dmitry has over four years' worth of experience managing various development projects, including web and mobile apps on iOS and Android. His skills have been instrumental in helping TapeReal get where it is today, and he will help develop the Android version of the app. Dmitry loves TapeReal's vision and thinks that the time has come for a change in how social media apps operate. 

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Denis -

Denis -

Backend Developer

Denis brings his more than six years of programming experience to TapeReal. His experience has focused on backend development of commercial applications, both mobile and web connected to video​. He has helped get TapeReal where it is today and is looking forward to what the future holds for the company.

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Victoria -

Victoria -

QA Engineer

Victoria brings her three years of experience in mobile app testing both iOS and Android in various spheres like LMS, social media apps, and mobile apps connected with video rendering​ to TapeReal. Victoria has helped TapeReal resolve software bugs and maintain a high level of quality standards. She is eager to see TapeReal grow and reach the hands of millions of people.

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Vladimir -

Vladimir -

iOS Developer

Vladimir brings over eight years of experience in video conferencing, video-based mobile applications, and medical software mobile applications development​ to the TapeReal team. He has been key in getting TapeReal to where it is today. He is committed to the TapeReal vision and looking forward to the next stage of development for the company.

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Project launched


In the News - Financial Post


TapeReal is making headlines with its groundbreaking algorithm and filter free social media platform. Here is some recent coverage in the Financial Post: https://financialpost.com/globe-newswire/tapereal-a-canadian-company-is-meeting-the-growing-need-for-algorithm-free-privacy-respecting-social-media-platform-that-supports-real-human-connection The time is now to invest in the new era in social media! 

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