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Ymmij Inc.
Ymmij Inc.


Funded Of $35,000.00 Goal
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Equity Crowdfunding Offer. Structure
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$500.00 Min. investment
$75,000.00 Max. investment
$35,000.00 Minimum Raise
$150,000.00 Maximum Raise

Offering Description

Ymmij will enable users to curate a true depiction of themselves to pass on to future generations.


📈 Global Target Market of over 1.5 Billion

🏋 Providing balance to offset the existing influence of Social Media

💖 Ensures all users will leave behind something much more meaningful than material possessions

💻 Founding team with decades of Corporate and Technical experience

🌎 Founding team has helped ship 100's of mobile apps/products over a 20 year period

✅ A company whose success will be measured not only on profit, but also on positive social impact

Leave a Lasting Ymmij

If you were to scroll through all the posts you've made on all your social media, how accurate of a picture would you get of yourself? Would your grandchildren, your relatives, or friends remember you the way you want to be remembered?

Ymmij is a new way to think about how you share your life. Instead of posts on a wall or in a feed, what if you left behind your thoughts, beliefs, and self-told story?


Ymmij wants to provide an alternative to the superficialness of the current social media landscape. The inspiration behind Ymmij is to leave behind a truer image of yourself through online activity inspired journaling.


By participating in quick, easy activities and journaling on Ymmij, you would casually build up a more profound story of your life and who you were for those closest to you.


Currently, people consume social media content more often than producing content. And much of the important content people do produce comes in bite-sized highlights with not much insight into a person's true self.


Ymmij wants to encourage people to start documenting meaningful, personal content--and you can do it through our traditional journaling tools as well as engaging in quick and light prompts pushed to you weekly or daily.



The philosophy is for your journal entries to not only document your true self, but to also reveal aspects of yourself you may not have known.


Each day, Ymmij will encourage you to create an entry relating to who you are. Sometimes it's a simple question between two choices.


Other times, Ymmij will give you short activities to complete.


In addition to completing prompts and activities, you will earn points to use toward Ymmij merch, partner products, or to donate toward charitable causes.


Think of Ymmij as a more meaningful life insurance. What you build on Ymmij will remain private until you chose to publish it publicly. Your "beneficiaries" will receive your complete Ymmij when it's time--a profound, immaterial addition to your physical and monetary estate.

Through Ymmij, you and those closest to you will come to know the most authentic you on any social media site.







Offering Terms

NOTE: You will need your Bank Account Number, Transit Number, and Institution Number to Invest.

Pre-money valuation (before investment received): $2,500,000

Minimum Raise: $35,000 for 140,000 Class B Common Shares (Non Voting) at $0.25 per Common Share.

Max Raise: $150,000 for 600,000 Class B Common Shares (Non Voting) at $0.25 per Common Share.

Minimum investment amount: $500.00

Securities offered: Class B Common Shares (Non-Voting)

Please see 45-110 Offering Document, Articles of Amendment, and the Shareholder's Agreement for full details of rights associated with the Class B Shares.  You must create an account on Equivesto to view attached documents.

Project launched


Ymmij Minimum Raise Target Adjustment

Ymmij adusted their minimum raise target to $35,000.  The updated use of funds is visible in the 45-110 Offering Document attached to the Campaign Page.

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